Spiker Rendon Consulting

Kenneth G. Spiker President & CEO

Ken has over 30 years of public and private sector government relations expertise that he draws upon to better understand the challenges and pressures that impact each clients' success. His approach is to take the time to understand your company, your industry and the dynamics impacting your business before crafting a remedy and accompanying strategy. 

His long and successful history of securing procurement opportunities and winning approvals at the local government level for a broad array of companies and National Corporations stems from his years of strong working relationships with public officials allowing him to successfully advocate for clients regardless of the industry.  

Ken served as Executive Director for the Parking Industry in Los Angeles County, the Official Police Garages in Los Angeles, the Independent Cities Association with 45 member cities and others.  

Ken served as CEO of Ken Spiker & Associates in Los Angeles for 24 years before expanding his government relations footprint in 2013 with the founding of Spiker Rendon Consulting, a full service lobbying and government relations firm with a comprehensive array of strategic affairs and advocacy services throughout California.





555 S. Flower Street, 51st Floor

Los Angeles, California 90071-1558


Spiker Rendon Consulting is a full service government relations & lobbying firm that will position your company to succeed.