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Connecting Clients with Elected Officials in over 480 Cities


We help build our Clients profile by connecting them with the 

key decision makers that matter the most.


As the  Executive Director of the San Gabriel Valley Civic Alliance, we bring our Clients together with government leaders from over 30 Member Cities that are all seeking to forge stronger connections with one another.  The Alliance is uniquely designed for business advocacy that has garnered recognition throughout California.                 


Our long standing connection over the last 30 years with California Contract Cities Association makes our team uniquely  positioned to provide our clients with collaborative opportunities, government relations and networking with key Elected Officials from over 75 Member Cities, allowing unprecedented access with the decision makers that matter the most.


Our 30 year history of working closely with Independent Cities Association in several capacities including Executive Director and Public Relations, provides our Clients the advantage of getting in front of key Elected Officials in over 45 Member Cities throughout Los Angeles County's. 



The Association of California Cities consists of 34 Member Cities including dozens of local government special districts, businesses, non-profits and higher education institutions that provides a place for officials and business to come together and work collaboratively on a range of policy issues at the local, regional, state and national level.       


The California City Management Foundation is a premier advocacy organization for City Managers in all of California's 482 Incorporated Cities and towns.  We connect our clients with city managers that often act as the liaison between elected officials, businesses and the local community.  


The League of California Cities Partner Program connects local government Elected Officials from California's 482 cities providing opportunities for dialogue and participation between business and local Elected Officials. 



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Spiker Rendon Consulting is a full service government relations and lobbying firm that will position your company to succeed.